Some people have a ritual of choosing a word to focus on for the year. This has not been my ritual, but in my mind, in my reading, as I write down my goals and desires, one word appears repeatedly: transformation.

I spent about an hour or so this evening trying to find an app that would allow me to glam this word up a little. This screenshot of animation from a Keynote presentation was as close as I could get before the irony of what I was doing hit me. “Transformation” sounds like a more glamorous synonym for “change,” and if that’s true, there’s nothing fancy about it. Change is the only constant. Not only is it as common to every living thing as breath, it’s also commonly painful, rarely full of glitz and glitter.
And yet, when I think of transformation, I conceptualize something different from change, something deeper, permanent, and willful. I see transformation as a determination to never return to the circumstances that catalyzed it, a commitment to never return the person you were, as you existed, as you thought, as you did.

I seek to transform my life this year, and I seek to write transformative texts. I don’t think the process of either will look glamorous, but I will continue to hold this word in my heart and envision it as standing out among the light.