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Self love in a world that hates you is one of the most subversive acts you can commit

–Mariam I. Williams

I write to find answers, dance to find joy, and teach to build and grow in community. 

I believe

Anti-blackness and misogyny confront us daily.

Liberation starts with self-knowledge.

Self-knowedge lays the foundation for self-love.


And self-love is radical and resilient enough to rebuild generations of devastation.



I center Black women in my work and commit my work first to helping us know ourselves and  

reaffirm our resilience

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My favorites from Redbone Afropuff & Black G.R.I.T.S., plus new work

What’s self-love got to do with it right now?

In normal circumstances, in everyday misogyny and anti-blackness, when white supremacy is just doing its usual thing, we have to learn and re-teach ourselves self-love all the time and in the artistic and literary ways we have for centuries. But in a pandemic? What does self-love even look like right now?

The Pursuit of Wholeness

In 2015, I had a farewell dinner with a friend a few nights before I left Louisville. As we sat inside a dark restaurant filled with families but better suited for couples, awaiting our order of Indo-Chinese fusion dishes we had never heard of, my friend asked,...

My Price for Black Feminism

For more than a year now, I’ve been trying to figure out how much of a capitalist I am. Am I doing what I must to navigate the capitalist system I live in, or have I become convinced this system that so brutalized my ancestors and that continues to make people and...

The Complexities of Black Christianity

I recently attended Ira Dworkin’s talk about his book, “Congo Love Song: African American Culture and the Crisis of the Colonial State.” In the Q&A, I asked: How did Sheppard and Brown see their identity in relation to Africa and their responsibility to the...

Mariam I. Williams

Writer. Dancer. Educator.

My work is to reaffirm our resilience.

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