I help Black women who are spiritually frustrated and feeling stuck pursue joy, pleasure, and healing so they can feel whole again in body and spirit, speak up for their needs and desires, and lead an emotionally and spiritually healthier life. How? I coach.


I believe the knowledge I’ve gained through academia and writing can help you do the same things it’s done for previous clients and for me: confront past hurts and damaging beliefs, know the ways you need to be cared for, love yourself fiercely, and feel whole. But I don’t believe you should have to spend years writing research papers, arguing theory, losing sleep, and going into student loan debt to be free. So I guide you through exercises and activities that help you apply existing theory and research directly to your everyday life–proving to yourself you can resolve the issues you want to resolve.


"I am able to accept myself even more. I appreciate Mariam 'giving back'; sure, I have taken some college courses along the way, but this could be shared with the 'uneducated' as well."


Participant, Black Womanhood Revival, Spring 2019

You might benefit from my coaching if:

  • Your upbringing made you feel like your body is inherently sinful and/or shameful.
  • You genuinely love and appreciate your faith tradition, but you also feel like its ritual or style are cutting you off from who you are culturally, politically, intellectually, or sexually.
  • You want to look in the mirror and see more than just your trauma and more than a survivor of trauma.
  • You seem like you have it all, and while your life really is good, you still don’t feel free. You feel like you’re performing all the time and not living like the real you.
  • You think #BlackGirlMagic is dope, but you don’t know anything about black feminism and never took a women & gender studies course.
  • You need guidance on how you can use who you are as a woman, as a Black woman, as a creative, sexual, whole being, to further develop yourself and to give your family/friends/community a different example of Black Womanhood.
  • You want to love your body, your sexuality, your personality, your color, but you feel like you’re breaking too many rules when you express that.
  • You want to be able to bring your whole self to faith spaces, or learn how to be a faith leader who encourages everyone to bring their all.
  • You’re curious about alternatives for spirituality, but you don’t want to step too far outside your faith traditions.
  • You need some self care, and you’re ready to invest in self care you’ll get something out of.
  • “Feminism” is a scary word, and you’ve seen “womanism” on Twitter, but you don’t really know what either of them are or how they could benefit you.
  • You’re a lifelong learner and curious person, and you want something deeper than a women’s conference, more culturally specific than continuing adult education, and nowhere near the depth (and debt) of grad school.
  • You work with a group of women who fit in the above descriptions, and you want me to do a live workshop with your group. If so, contact me.
“The [week on religion and spirituality] challenged an oppressive view of a relationship with God, and offered a possibility for spiritual intimacy and liberation.”

Black Womanhood Revival Participant, Spring 2019

My next iteration of Black Womanhood Revival is called “Being Django Jane,” and it begins in October 2019. You and up to four other women will meet weekly online for 6 weeks to unchain yourselves from church girl shame and guilt, and get whole in body, mind, and spirit–and I’ll be holding your hand the whole way. Let’s fortify ourselves for the end of the year with radical self-love!


Eventually, all my workshops will be set up as self-paced e-courses, but right now, you have the opportunity to work with me — a Black woman who has found her way through some of the same issues with body and spirit you’re going through and is offering mentorship.

You probably have questions, so schedule a discovery call with me. It will cost you nothing but about 45 minutes, and it will be your first step toward freedom and wholeness.