Racism, sexism, patriarchy, generational trauma, other folks’ emotional immaturity, toxic theology … These things weigh on us. They try to steal our self-love and self-worth. They try to silence us. They try to block joy, pleasure, and general well-being from our lives. As part of my resistance to all that, I created the Black Womanhood (Re-) Affirmation Project.

Originally called “Black Womanhood Revival,” the Black Womanhood (Re-)Affirmation project is a course and workshop program that builds radical self-love in and reaffirms the resilience of Black women, women of color, and other participants utilizing literature, writing, and dance that center Black women’s experiences.

The knowledge I’ve gained through studying writing, dance, Pan African Studies, Women and Gender Studies, and Religious Studies catalyzed my personal transformation and have helped me confront past hurts and damaging beliefs, know the ways I need to be cared for, love myself fiercely, and build sisterhood. With this knowledge, I feel empowered to work in community with others to address such topics as ancestral memory, generational trauma, religion, shame, sexuality, and healing. Ancestors Toni Cade Bambara, Maya Angelou, Ntozake Shange, Toni Morrison, and others proved we can re-member, (re-)consider these issues, and find peace within ourselves. I do my best to follow these legendary Black writers and dancers as I use my art to illuminate the journey towards freedom and wholeness.

To attend a workshop, host one for your organization or group, or inquire about my workshop content or process, please contact me.


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Rewritten, Reread, Unbound & Unafraid


A FREE  deep reading and creative writing series where we read Black women authors and (re)write our own stories to find courage and freedom!


When: March 13 – May 22, 2022

Where: Franny Lou’s Porch, Philadelphia (in person!)